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Read Me Venus Dimension Enchantment List

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Hey there,
You can view all the enabled custom enchantments below.

Implants (5) - while moving, your hunger will slowly go up
Water Breathing (1) - you will receive the water breathing effect, essentially making it so you can go underwater without taking suffocation damage
Night Vision (1) - you will receive night vision when you wear this armor piece

Tamer (3) - you will have the ability to spawn in wolfs to help defend you in combat
Necromancer (3) - the same thing as the Tamer enchant, but zombies instead
Strength (2) - produces permanent strength while in use
Fire Resistance (1) - produces permanent fire resistance while in use
Regeneration (1) - produces permanent regeneration while in us

Speed (2) - produces permanent speed potion effect when in use
Jump (2) - produces permanent jump potion effect when in use

Vampire (3) - has a LOW chance on healing you by a single heart (instead of it healing you all the time)
Inquisitive (5) - has a chance to give you double or more XP based on your enchantment level
Skillswipe (5) - has a chance to steal XP from your opponent

Berserk (3) - has a low chance on giving you strength AND fatigue

Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes, Hoes
Hasty (3) - gives you haste when holding the specified item
Experience (10) - has a chance on giving you 2x or more at a random chance XP whilst mining
Furnace (1) - you will have the ability to always smelt ores when mining

Lightning (1) - has a chance to spawn lightning where ever your arrow lands
MultiArrow (5) - has a chance on shooting multiple arrows at once

Hellforged (5) - has a chance to repair your armor and tools while moving

In all potion effect enchantments, there are Strength, Fire Resistance, Speed, Water Breathing, Regeneration, Night Vision, and finally, Jump

Keep in mind we've added potion effect enchants. From Mars to Venus, we've cut down over 16 enchantments. PVP should be much more enjoyable and skill based now, paired with our other server's knockback. If there is something you want to be removed, feel free to open a ticket and explain your reasoning.

Thanks for reading!​
Not open for further replies.