Team Echo Recruitment [Updated!]

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    [!] Who are we
    Team Echo has been around for a long time, the faction has had alot of diffrent people, and alot of diffrent names, LastNation, Meth, Monkeys & Echo. Our faction has won a few maps, and got high placements on SaicoPvp & DecimatePvp. Apart from the ingame playing, we have a well made discord server with its own custom coded bots. Right now, we have one of the most active rosters of all facs playing next map.

    [!] Requirements & What are we looking for?
    [1] 14 years or older.
    [2] Must spend at least 2 hours a day on our faction.
    [3] Have proper Factions & Discord knowledge.
    [4] Know how to work with printer/schematica.
    [5] Check walls actively when online.

    [!] How to apply for Team Echo?
    Simply type %apply in the general chat, and wait till @Application Bot PM's you. Answer all questions that the bot asks you and wait till we contact you about your outcome. We only message you if some answers weren't answered properly, or if your application was accepted.

    [!] Merging conditions:
    [1] We keep ownership of the faction.
    [2] We stay in our discord server.
    [3] Faction name will be Echo.
    All other things can be discussed.

    [!] Information:
    Leaders: Little_ & Pippeey(Bruda)
    Server: DecimatePvp
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    This season is gonna be dope for sure, can’t wait for tnt enable!
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