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Spook is one of the most successful factions that has played factions in the recent years, and after a 3 month break, we are finally looking to come back into factions.
We've had a rough last few months, from Nano disbanding us; where we were running away with the map against Karma and Triad, to getting team raided on KisharMC (although it was rolledback), not forgetting getting disbanded on TheArchon. But now, we finally think its the right time to get back to the top where we should be. We've won countless maps throughout the years, and we're looking to win many more this year. In total prize winnings we've won over $35000 in PayPal and Buycraft. We have many experienced players, who have been playing the game for years on end; throughout the ranks of the roster, furthermore all of the leaders in the faction have played factions for over 5 years. Although we're looking to recruit; if you do not fit our specification. your chances of being accepted will be slim, so add detail to the application wherever you can. The roster is intended to be as handpicked as possible so keep that in mind when applying.

This means recruiting, a lot.

Currently we're looking at a 70 man roster, from all the remains of old spook coming back to play under our old leader Madcroc.
If you're looking to become the best of the best, look no further, however you must hit all of our criterion.

You must be willing to deal with a semi toxic faction, if you can deal with banter and joking around then you'll more than likely be fine.

You have to have a lot of factions experience, this is imperative as we don't want someone who is more likely to be a liability than an asset to the faction.
Moving forward from that this includes knowing how to adjust our cannons, as it is imperative people know how to use the counters, as we can't have people who don't know who to float the counter in case of an attempt.
Schematica is a must for all players, it doesn't matter who you are, what timezone you are from; you need schematica.

We need dedicated faction members, leading on from the earlier point about needing assets instead of liabilities, if you are not in fact dedicated to the success of the faction, for one; you're bringing us down instead of helping the faction, and two; your dedication leads into who gets paid and who doesn't get paid. A player who is on 24/7 and constantly putting in hardwork grinding eco for example, will have a higher cut than a player who does nothing, with the latter more than likely recieving nothing but a kick.

However, now for the application, you have two options of applying. The most common method of applying is in our faction discord, using %apply. This will be checked a lot more often than this application.
The discord can be found here:

The second method of application is applying using this format, do bear in mind that this will be checked less frequently than our discord as we are a lot more active in that:
Application format
In-game Name:

Discord Tag (Ex.NanoFusion#7134):



Do you have a mic?

Are you able to run sand alts and if so how many?

How active are you(Hours a Day):

Why do you want to join Spook?

Do you have any relations with Spook Members/Mods or Owners?

How long have you played factions for?

How do you rank yourself in terms of Cannoning(1-10) [Give detailed reason of why you rank yourself this]?

How do you rank yourself in terms of PvP(1-10) [Give detailed reason of why you rank yourself this]?

How committed will you be to grinding Eco (1-10) [Give detailed reason of why you rank yourself this]?

How committed will you be to grinding Basework (1-10) [Give detailed reason of why you rank yourself this]?

List your previous factions(Ex.Spook(Vanity), ChipDealers(Oki))?

Any Additional Information we should know?

Introduce yourself:

Thank you for applying and good luck with your applications.
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