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Read Me So You Want To Be A Staff Member?

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Hello Decimate players! I'm happy to see you're taking the time to apply for a position on our staff team. I will be going over the whole application with you, taking a look at what I think should be in a good application and give you a good idea on how to create well-detailed answers and an overall well-rounded application. The application is our first impression of you and what you'll be like as a staff member so it's integral that your application reflects your intentions on becoming a staff member. Nevertheless, let's get into this.


Before even thinking of applying for staff, there's some requirements that you should look for in yourself to see if you're ready to apply for staff on Decimate. These requirements include everything that Ace has included in the actual staff application format but there are also a few other "hidden" requirements that we look at when judging an application. These hidden requirements include:​
  • How much time have you been on the forums? - We look at your activity on the forums always before even judging your application. If you've just joined the forums, get more integrated into the community before you post your application.​
  • Is this your first post on the forums? - This goes along with the last point but, if your staff application is the first thing you've posted on our forums, expect to see some criticism and skepticism. Be more involved in the community and see how you interact with everyone else before posting your application. Posting an application before anything else on the forums shows that you're only here for the rank.​
  • How do you react with the rest of the Decimate community? - We also keep an eye on you on all of our platforms (in-game, forums, and discord) to see how you interact with the rest of the community. Do you act the way you say you do? If we catch you being toxic, rude, not following the rules, etc and lying on your application we know somethings wrong.​
  • Are you only applying for the rank? - This goes with the other points but we can tell if you're only applying for the rank. It's not hard. If your only purpose for applying on Decimate is to have that little [Helper] tag next to your name, stop reading this right now and evaluate your decisions for applying.​
  • How involved in Decimate are you? - We look at how involved in the community you are. Are you a vocal player? Are you shy? Etc. Do you actively try to make a change on the server for the better? Are you voicing your opinion on issues and matters (especially when they come up in #poll on discord. Be active, be involved. We love new ideas and new perspectives and will look at that when it comes to judging your application​

IGN: Post your IGN here

Previous IGN: (Link your Name Mc profile here) NameMC is HERE

Realm applying for: (Skyblock/Factions) What server do you mainly play (as of posting this) we only have Factions

Age (Must be 14 or older): If we find out you're lying about your age, you will be denied. Be honest. If you're not 14 and applying, don't.

Timezone: Search your timezone online

What do you think of yourself as far as being a toxic player or are you a calm and quiet player?: Answer this question truthfully. If you've been toxic in the past but you aren't now, explain that you've changed and why you've changed. Being honest with us here is key. If you're a calm player, great! If you're quiet, explain how you'll be able to come out of your shell and be an effective staff member

How active are/were you: Being that we just released less than a week ago, explain how active you were previously to this season of Decimate. Another thing to think about here is don't overstretch yourself here. What I mean by that is for example:
"I'm fourteen years old and I'll be able to contribute 8-10 hours on weekdays and I can be on all the time on weekends."
The first thing that comes into mind when we see an answer like this is first off: skepticism and that you're lying. There's no way that a kid that is still in school is able to put in 8-10 hours on a Minecraft server with still having a life besides Decimate. Be honest here.

Do you understand that if you do not meet the minimal hours a week of Discord, forums, in-game, you will be demoted without further warning? Answer yes or no

Why should I accept you onto the staff team? What makes you different from other applicants? This is a question that will come up on many applications, whether it be on an actual job application or on any other application. Give examples as to why you're different from everyone else. Let's compare two different answers to this question:

" I should be accepted onto the team because I am a kind player and I want to help anyone that comes on the server. I'm really nice and try to go out of my way to help players when they need help in chat."
"I should be accepted onto the team because I bring something to the table that no other applicant can. First off, my previous experience of being staff on other large player-base servers have given me the edge over other applicants because I am able to deal with a large amount of players at a single time. I'm able to handle multiple players at once with different problems while still maintaining my composure. Another reason that I should be considered over other applications is because of my experience with the gamemode of Factions. I've been playing Factions for over five years. With this being said, I know the commands and how the gamemode works along with all of the rules. This means that I won't need much help when transitioning over to being a staff member as I'll be able to effectively deal with rule-breakers without the need of help from other staff members. I'm independent and will be able to work well with other players or by myself, it doesn't matter."

Obviously the second one is better. It provides more detail and gives examples and backs up those claims with reasoning.

What would you do to benefit Decimate and its community to make it better than it is, how will you being staff make a positive impact on Decimate? Again, questions like this are asked at a lot of interviews. This question and the question above are your longest answers. They should be packed with detail and once again, give an example and back it up with details and prove why that example is correct. For example, if you say "I will be able to provide a positive experience to all players that I work with" prove how this claim is true. Use examples, give made-up scenarios, show how you'll react to that and provide a well-rounded answer to the question.

What will you do to improve the community? And how will you do it? Again, this goes along with the previous two questions. Provide reasoning to your claims. Also, try to stray from the typical answers of "I can be active, I can be kind, I will say hello and help every player I come across." We see these answers all the time. Be different and dynamic. I've read countless applications, after a while a lot of replies become monotonous and predictable. Bring something else to the table and prove that true.

Previous staff experiences (Provide reasoning for resignation/demotion and provide proof.): If you don't have any previous staff experience, that's fine. However, prove that you'll be able to handle transitioning from being a player to a staff member in some way. Provide proof that you know the gamemode and that it proves that you have what it takes to be able to be a staff member. If you have had staff experience in the past, PLEASE provide proof of being staff on that server. If you resigned from being staff, tell us why. If you were demoted, tell us the full story and why you've changed. If you lie about being staff here or don't provide the full reason why you were demoted, etc you will be denied.

Can you record and have a microphone?: Yes or no

Have you ever been banned from any server? Once again, if we find out that you're lying here you will be denied. Be honest if you've been banned and tell us why you have changed.

Do you vow that if you are accepted into the team that you will not harm, disrupt, or destroy Decimate and the community? And if you do, you understand you will be blacklisted off the network without a chance to appeal? (Depending on the severity of the offense.) Yes or no

Do you understand that if you are found to only be trying to get staff for the title alone, you will be demoted? You should only apply for staff because you want to help the community do well and have the drive to help players and want to help guide Decimate to a brighter future: Yes or no

Do you vow that during the time of Staffing you will follow our set of Staff Rules/Guidelines, not leak them and respect your fellow companions despite not liking them?: Yes or no

Can you get along with most people even if you do not like them at all? And never be biased in your decisions as staff towards fellow faction members or even friends?:
Do you understand that we can demote you at any time for anything? (Including things not listed here.)
Yes or no

If we find out that you've copied an application from another server, you will be denied and blacklisted from ever applying again. I hope this was useful to you and your endeavors for becoming a staff member on our server. This thread can be changed at any time. With that being said,

Good luck!
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