Resolved Raos6077's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Resolved Ban Appeals' started by Raos6077, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. Raos6077

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    Jul 3, 2018
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    What is your username? Raos6077
    Who banned you? MomImPregnant
    What were you banned for? Ban Evading
    What server were you banned on? Im not banned from a specific realm..
    When were you banned (Include Date and Time)? I don't know exactly when but I guess around 10pm on the 13th of September
    Any previous punishments? yes
    Are you guilty? No
    Reason for appealing? I've got banned for "Ban Evading", even though I wasn't. The Account Antonino (which is one of my friends) recently got Banned and I was on it once or twice to do some Faction related stuff (Can't exactly remember what it was). So since he got banned MomImPregnant apparently thought that I was Ban Evading and Banned me.
    Evidence to support the appeal (Screenshot of ban message, etc): [​IMG]
  2. xXAndreyXx

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    Jun 10, 2018
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    Hello Raos,
    Please come into Discord and contact an admin+ to prove that you're not Antonino.

    Kind Regards,
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