Must Read Neptune Dimension | Season 2 | $2000 F-Top

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    Hey everyone,

    We will be releasing our Neptune Dimension on April 7th @ 3PM EST
    You can find all the fixes and additions below.

    Bug Fixes
    • MonthlyCrates will now give you coupons based on commands
    • You can no longer creeper egg Warzone
    • Jellylegs will now save your toggled options
    • Faction Members can no longer send messages to Mod Chat
    • Faction Map enhancements
    • Added a much more functional and customisable Core
    • You can no longer enderpearl glitch into bases
    • Item Stacking is fixed
    • Added Horizontal Genbuckets (use /genbuckets or /gb to access them)
      Login to Mars to see the prices
    • Added an entirely new economy. Login to Mars Dimension to see it.
    • End World is now made out of sandstone
    • Brand new /shop GUI
    • There is now 12 CORNERS instead of the usual 8 (as a result, nether is now enabled!)
    • New March Monthly Crate added
    • Added two new GKits (Raider & Enchanter)
    • Added Bosses (purchasable on the Store as well)
    • Added Giftcards to the Store (you can purchase them for cheaper)
    • Added new Gkits and Crate to the store (will be added shortly)
    • All regular crates have been buffed (useless items removed)
    • Added Auto Respawn for your Alts (they won't get stuck in Respawn screen)
    • Added Outpost (use /outpost to view outpost coords & rewards)
    • Added a new /tntfill system (you will be able to fill your dispensers so much easier)
    • Added /f perms
    • Added /f announce
    • Added Faction Claim Line
    • Added better Faction Warp system
    • Added a /f status
    • Added /f map click to claim
    • Added /f defaultrole (make certain roles default)
    • Added better RECRUIT system
    • Added /f vault
    • Added /f showinvites
    • Added better Faction Tag & Faction Title system
    • Added /f login (toggle on/off faction login notifications)
    • You can now only use /f promote or /f demote to alter a faction members rank. (smarter)
    • There will be a maximum of 1 ALLY and TRUCE statuses.
    • Disabled Nether Portal creation
    • Enabled Water placing in Nether
    • Crates will give you tags via coupons

    Server Information
    • Overworld border will be 10,000 x 10,000
    • End border will be 5,000 x 5,000 (and made out of sandstone) /warp end
    • Nether border will be 5,000 x 5,000 (made out of flat nether-rack) /warp nether
    • There will be a maximum of 100 players per faction
    • There is a maximum of 50 power per player
    • The slots on release will be set to 350 and will slowly go up
    • There is a $2000 F-Top Prize. Here's the breakdown of it.
      #1) $500 PayPal, $150 Buycraft
      #2) $300 PayPal, $100 Buycraft
      #3) $250 PayPal, $100 Buycraft
      #4) $100 PayPal, $100 Buycraft
      #5) $75 PayPal, $45 Buycraft
      #6) $80 Buycraft
      #7) $50 Buycraft
      #8) $50 Buycraft
      #9) $50 Buycraft
      #10) $50 Buycraft
    • The map will last until May / mid May
    • Upload our Trailer and you will receive a 1x God key upon posting. Create a thread on the forums and we'll set you up.

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    I'm ready for an amazing map, hope you all are exited as well!
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    Edit, no way that kid typed that in less then 10 seconds and posted it....... ^^^^
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    Goona Be A Great Map For Pepsi
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    is this the same as mars?
  8. Brandon

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    Yes, but no custom enchants.
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    Can't wait! :)