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    Hi everyone!

    If you've missed Custom Enchantments and mcMMO, then surely you should be hyped for this. Mars Dimension will be releasing THIS SATURDAY @ 3PM EST. We hope to see you there. All fixes from Neptune Dimension has been imported to Mars! Also, keep an eye out for some special YouTubers. :)

    Here is a full change log of various features either added or patched.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Players will no longer get kicked for too many packets
    • Crate item titles resolved
    • Invisible entities resolved
    • Co-Leaders in factions can now promote recruits to members
    • Co-Leaders can now title themselves
    • CoreProtect can now track chat
    • 1.9+ versions removed
    • Can no longer sell items via /ah whilst in combat
    • Fixed our Freeze plugin
    • SellWand prices fixed
    • Crops will now tick slowly [including Cactus]
    • Mobs will no longer pick up armor
    • Extreme optimization patches (cannons, tile drops)
    • Link Item ([item]) will now include your faction and tag if applicable.
    • You will no longer be able to pearl out the border
    • Other smaller bug fixes
    • Creepers will now drop 1 tnt and 1 gunpowder
    • Can now track obsidian damage with a potato
    • Added a more noticable freeze message
    • Found Spawner alerts will only pop when in unclaimed territory
    • Co-Leaders can now run /f owner
    • Truces cannot hurt you anymore
    • Everything you will receive in crates (perks) will now be in the form of Coupons
    • Creepers will no longer be instant agro
    • Players can now use /tpa commands in enemy / ally territory
    • Enemies can now open trapped chests in enemy territory
    • Revamped KOTH loot
    • Working on a flawless custom /duels plugin (you won't lose Faction power)
    • Added color support to /f title & /f desc
    • Added CoinFlip
    • Added a /filter command
    • Added your faction name tag in TAB, also added the rank in the TAB player list
    • Faction boosters will now show if active for all your faction members now
    • EXP Boosters will now save player data, you will no longer lose it after restart midway
    • Added wooden trapdoors to /shop
    • Added Quests/Missions
    • Other smaller suggestions
    • Added Envoys
    • Added Instant Faction Teleporting

    Server Information (includes F-Top information):
    • Overworld world-border will be 10,000 x 10,000
    • End word-border will be 5,000 x 5,000
    • There will be a maximum of 100 players per faction
    • There is a maximum of 50 power per player
    • Slots on launch will be set to 400, depending on server load.
    • There will be a $2000 F-Top prize.
      #1) $500 PayPal, $150 Buycraft
      #2) $300 PayPal, $100 Buycraft
      #3) $250 PayPal, $100 Buycraft
      #4) $100 PayPal, $100 Buycraft
      #5) $75 PayPal, $45 Buycraft
      #6) $80 Buycraft
      #7) $50 Buycraft
      #8) $50 Buycraft
      #9) $50 Buycraft
      #10) $50 Buycraft
    • The map will last until March / Middle of March
    • Make sure to upload our Trailer! To reward you, we will give you a God key. Post in General Discussion titled [Trailer] <your IGN> Must get 100+ views

    We hope to see you there! A lot of work has been put into this flagship Dimension. If you're looking for a faction, I recommend posting a thread here. Good luck!

    If you wish to upload our Trailer, here's the URL to it:

    If you have 100+ views, you can make a thread and receive a free God key!



    See you there if you've played Mars before!
    Welcome all new Players as well. <3

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