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IGN: AaronMarin.

Dear fellas, with your permission I might as well start off introducing the reason for my suggestion before the suggestion itself for a better understanding.

As we all know, Decimate has unsuccessfully attempted to make their return, and in its second attempt, not much has changed, in fact, no problems have been corrected and every re-release has had the same features as the original Decimate.

But, why did Decimate loose their player base in the first place? Well, according to my search, due to its economy and some other less relevant facts.

So moving forward, here's my take on the subject:

I am going to take on the economy and the attractiveness of products and in-game features (Don't worry, you won't make less money if you implement this suggestions which include some nerfs to G.Kits, it will actually be the other way around!):

What's wrong with the economy?:

According to multiple people I've been asking and to my own player experience, the economy of the server is way too weak. The prices don't move forward making things more expensive over time, but actually the other way around, which is a bad sign, a terrible sign. In Minecraft factions terms, the lowering of prices over time (Despite players always quitting as the season goes on) is a clear indicator of things being way too easy to acquire.

Now, moving forward in this problem, why are things so easy to get? Well, there's a simple answer, it is mainly due to G.Kit influence and in game pricing.

The solution to this problem:

I'm going to divide the solution for spawner and enchant economy:

Spawner economy:

Highly increased price for Witch, Blaze and Villager spawners and the addition of a new and superior kind of spawner (Will be detailed later on)

Nerf on Spawner Gkit: (I actually would make it to have a chance of giving any spawner, in different amounts (The worse the spawner is, the more of them it'd drop).

Nerf on the Treasure G-Kit (I would make its cool-down way bigger and I would actually make crates better, way better, and sell them on store, I will take on the changes later).

Nerf on spawner drops (Less cash for Iron and Emerald drops).

Custom enchant economy:

Nerf on PVP-based G-Kits (Make them drop high prot. armors and some Enchantment books, not automatically applied to the armor, and not always the same ones)

Nerf on the amount of XP enchants cost (Just increase it by a decent amount, make Godsets be a valuable thing, something people would buy crate keys from your store for when they're desperate, maybe)

Now, for the attractiveness of store things and in-game features... :

New names, prices and features for ranks:

As you know, the current ranks aren't even necessary for purchase due to G-Kits bringing everything you need. But that could change: First off, with G-Kits nerfed, ranks should be slightly improved, giving better armor and adding other features like: (Permit you to add more enchants to armor based on your rank, have more PVs based on your rank, different chat colors, access to other features, etc.)

But that's not all, as you know, ranks have been proven to sell more based on their name attractiveness and colors, and that's where the synesthetic color code comes in. Apparently, partially (Only partially tho) applying a synesthetic color code to ranks improves their attractiveness in general (Consider the first letter to apply the general TAG color), so I highly recommend to take those two points into account to modify the rank system.

Eventually, the improvement of perks of the rank would also require a slight increase in its price. Don't forget that a higher price on a rank always makes it a lot more attractive.

In-game item attractiveness:

Well, to improve this I've got the following suggestions:

Addition of mystery spawners obtainable through in-game shop and online shop at a very high cost which would have a chance to give the new OP iron golem spawners.
(If you wonder why I'd add iron golem spawners, its very simple: They are very attractive due to the farms they require to be killed at. Also if they were rare, they'd be very desirable)

Addition of special armor pieces which carry effects when packed on a full set: These armor pieces would be obtainable through missions, online shop crates (Which would notoriously increase incomes), very rare G-Kits or actually from the highest ranks, now buffed and differently named.

If these additions were welcome, the addition of custom mobs, disguises etc could be considered.

G-Kit Modifications:

As it has been mention, they would suffer a great nerf, but they'd actually become more attractive, here is how:

Addition of titles coming from G-Kits.

Also, G-Kits would now give way better armors (Separate pieces of those special armor sets mentioned above) and way better crates (Yet way fewer and after a way longer time, up to two or two and a half weeks). ==> That only makes them more attractive for purchasers and also would cause people to buy them on alts in order to have them more oftenly.

Increased prices.

Crate keys modifications:

These must be HUGE.

With these changes crate key sales would be the base of the server's economy, as the incomes would be dramatically increased.

First, prices should be highly increased, but also the rewards.

Key rewards:

- Special spawners (Iron golems mentioned before)

- Tittles

- Perks (Which in shop would now cost a lot more money than right now)

- Money pouches

- Chance to contain ranks (Very, very rare, do not ruin the rank sales by making them common on crates)

- And MAYBE a disgusting addition you could use (Its not morally acceptable due to the psychological effects on kids and some adults but its legal and it generates incredible incomes) A very low chance to contain a special OP rank non obtainable through shop (I do not recommend it due to its negative effects on people's mind, yet it is a huge way to make money)-

- G-Kits .

Now, this is my vision of a bright future for the server for now, yet not every single one of these additions would be well received right now, some of them might need to be implemented over time, maybe after a reset or in the worst case, after another economical crash.

I know you will probably not put your trust in a no-one like me, yet just in case, some points which might help you credit this idea better are the following:

I've played factions for approximately 7 years over almost every factions server and also I've brought around 20 players to Decimate (Probably more, since I started a chain reaction).

Thank you very much for your attention, even doe its terribly boring, I hope you can read all of it and actually take inspiration from some of these ideas.
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There have been multiple things added in the new release. I dont like the economy either but I dont know if your idea is the best one. The ranks could be made more OP and better after each upgrade, yes I agree.