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Note: Title your thread <Username>'s Ban Appeal
What is your username?: HangingKids
Who banned you?: Don't KNow
What were you banned for?: "Cheating"
What server were you banned on?: Mars
When were you banned (Include Date and Time)?: 6 Pm CST 2/10/19
Any previous punishments?: No
Are you guilty?: No
Reason for appealing?: Niko (An Ex-Codered Member) Got kicked from Codered and is mad at all the members so he is constantly coming back on alts and phasing and or vclipping into our trench. I saw that he was coming near me and I went to spawn, Whilst I was running around in spawn I was frozen then unfrozen then banned without a screenshare. If I was screenshared I could have proven my innocence and not be banned. I wish to be unbanned so I can continue playing with Codered.
Evidence to support the appeal (Screenshot of ban message, etc):
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