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Hey everyone,

We'd like to thank you guys on the amount of support we've been getting. Each release, we've been touching records and I can't wait on what Decimate has to offer in the future.

Factions Mars releases on...
Saturday, 9th of March at 3:00 PM EST

Factions Mars
With our primary focus for this release being bug fixes, optimizations, and balance, we've made several gameplay decisions you can read about below which will differ this realm from Mars. Let's start off by talking about the general server details:
  • 100 Man Factions
  • 12 Corners spread across 3 Worlds
  • All world borders are 5,000 by 5,000
  • There will no longer be dungeons being generated through-out the world
  • The economy for Factions Mars can be found here
  • Multiple factions will not be able to raid a single faction
  • As stated above, teaming of any kind will not be allowed
  • Hiding value is forbidden
  • There are a great deal of custom enchantments.

$3,000 F-Top Prize
For this map of Mars, there will be $3,000 in total prizes. This prize is subject to change in future maps, depending on demand and support. Please note that prizes will not be paid out for the first week as it is grace period. The distribution and weekly payouts can be seen below:

1. $250 PayPal + $200 Buycraft
2. $150 PayPal + $165 Buycraft
3. $100 PayPal + $130 Buycraft
4. $75 PayPal + $80 Buycraft
5. $100 Buycraft
6. $85 Buycraft
7. $65 Buycraft
8. $50 Buycraft
9. $30 Buycraft
10. $20 Buycraft

Bug Fixes

  • Major queue improvements. You shouldn't have an issue whilst queuing now.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies were able to access non-oak fence gates despite /f perm indicating otherwise
  • Fixed an issue where all faction members, no matter rank, received land unclaiming notifications
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to enchant tools such as but not limited to: Trench Pickaxes, Tray Pickaxes, and Harvester Axes
  • Implemented a restriction where players must have an empty inventory before entering printer mode
  • Fixed an issue where collection blocks were not picking up leather
  • Reduced the amount of blocks required for an Enderman to die of fall damage
  • Buffed faction chests, they now give you an entire chest space
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to go through pages of /f inspect
  • Fixed an issue where certain redstone items were not being placed in printer mode
  • Implemented a restriction on /homes and /ehomes whilst in combat
  • Implemented a particle version of /f seechunk to help with FPS
  • Fixed an issue where certain monthly subscription package members were not receiving their items
  • Fixed several printer dupe glitches
  • Fixed an issue where the 2x Outpost multiplier was not working with collection blocks properly
  • Fixed an issue relating to obtaining certain custom enchantments for no charge
  • Fixed an issue where certain collection blocks were not being properly activated
  • Fixed an issue where the wolves in the Tamer custom enchantment would not attack enemies
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with the /bottle message and several GKit menus
  • Fixed an issue where it would say a player's inventory is full while they are trying to tinker items even if there are spare slots available
  • Fixed an issue where sticky pistons could be used to move blocks into enemy claims
  • Fixed an issue with removing items in /trade after the trade has completed
  • Implemented a cooldown on the /report command
  • There is now a /f perm to collections
  • Fixed an issue where printing sand charged you the wrong amount
  • There is now a BRAND NEW cannon jar which works really well.

Creative Printer Mode
After added testing done live on Mars & Venus, we're happy to say that Creative Printer Mode is in an excellent state in terms of reducing the amount of bugs and glitches that occur due to it. We're excited to continue offering this much requested feature on Mars. As always, anyone that finds any bugs with it will receive rewards for reporting them to staff. To do so, simply join the Discord server and make a ticket.

Collection System
Addressing the issue of needing vast amounts of chests and hoppers to sort through drops, we're introducing our collection system. Placing a collection block in a chunk will collect all drops automatically and store them in a GUI. In this GUI, you can sell your collected drops, as well as configure which drops you want to be collected.

Factions Plugin Updates
We've made several changes to our Factions plugin to give faction leaders more control as well as make several features far easier to use. The changes are as follows:
  • /f inspect has been completely overhauled. You can now view claim history by any member in your faction, chest history of any member in your faction, and several other pieces of important data needed to properly manage your faction.
  • Faction Alts have been introduced. You can now use /f alt to set members of your faction as alts, which won't show up in /f who as online members or count towards your total faction members. This gives you the opportunity to have as many alts as you wish without having them time out or take up space.
  • Capturing KOTHs will now give your faction bonus F-Top score, and can be viewed with /f who
  • /f seechunk now shows particles rather than blocks, reducing the chances of FPS drops.
  • /chunkinfo has been introduced. This will tell you the value of the current chunk you're standing in.
  • When claiming lots of land, you'll no longer be spammed with several messages.
  • We've introduced two new permissions in /f perm corresponding to our two new features. These are the permissions to /f check and /f inspect.

Faction Check
We've introduced a suite of commands to aid with checking walls. The following features are present in this system:
  • /f check setting will open a GUI that allows you to change the checking interval between None, 1 Minute, 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 15 Minutes, and 30 Minutes.
  • /f check last will tell you who the last person that gave the all clear signal was and how long ago it was.
  • /f check logs will list all previous /f check and /f alarm history.
  • /f check leaderboard will keep track of everyone that runs /f clear.
  • /f clear will mark the walls as clear.
  • /f alarm will trigger a warning broadcasted to all faction members to check the walls for possible intruders.

Raiding & PvP Changes
We've heard specifically from our Elite rank holders as well as several other members of the community and made several changes to how raiding and PvP mechanics on the server work. The following will be in effect as of launch:
  • Spawners can now be blown up even if enclosed by water.
  • Bow boosting has been completely disabled.
  • Upon killing someone, their loot is available exclusively to you for the first 15 seconds. After that time has expired, anyone can pick up the loot.
  • We've made several performance upgrades to cannons, making them work much more reliably now. We're always working on improving this, so make sure to report any problems in Discord.
New Tools
We noticed that tools started losing their value as the map went on, which led us to completely revamp how we handle them. We've added four new tools as well as made changes to two existing ones. The changes are as follows:
  • Trench Pickaxes and Sell Wands now have durability. Once the durability is up, the tool will disappear. An infinite durability option will be offered at a higher cost at a later date.
  • Trench Pickaxes have had potion effect rewards added to them. There's currently three tiers, and they're as follows:
    • 10,000 blocks mined will give you permanent Haste 1
    • 20,000 blocks mined will give you permanent Haste 2
    • 30,000 blocks mined will give you permanent Haste 3
  • Sand Wands have been introduced. These will clear the stack of sand they're right-clicked on.
  • Trey Pickaxes have been introduced.
  • Harvester Axes have been introduced.
  • Chest Auto Sell Tool (CAST) has been introduced. This works similar to void chests, however only works with chests. This works hand in hand with our collection system mentioned above.
AFK Rewards System
We've introduced a new system to make your alts more useful or give your own player something else to do while you're bored. Typing /reward toggle will put you in a state where the only message your player gets are those when you receive reward tokens.

Reward tokens are granted to you randomly (e.g. you may wait 5 Minutes for 1 reward token, while the next one might take you 2 hours, 10 hours, or even 1 day). Voting for the server will give you a higher chance to win a reward token for a period of 30 minutes. Additionally, the higher your rank, the higher your chances are to win a reward token for as long as you have that rank.

We've completely overhauled our bosses, consolidating them into just three types. The higher the tier, the more difficult the boss, as well as the better the rewards.

In addition to these three purchasable bosses, we've introduced random warzone boss spawns. These will occur every six hours and be broadcasted in chat. Following our new Greek theme, the three new bosses are: Medusa, Chimera, and Hydra.

Miscellaneous Changes
While not worth a category of their own, the following features/changes have been made for our new reset and are worth mentioning:
  • Introduced /playtime. This will give you your total playtime on the realm you're on.
  • Introduced /filter. You can now select what items you want to pick up at what time.
  • Introduced the ability to hide faction tags from showing in chat.
  • Faction members currently online can now be viewed on the scoreboard.
  • We've made numerous upgrades to our infrastructure to support far more players. While previously we encountered issues during launches of hubs lagging, this will no longer be a nuisance.
  • We've improved the AFK Distance (how far you have to be from crops and spawners). This means you can stand further away and still have them be loaded.

Once again, Factions Mars releases on...
Saturday, 9th of March at 3:00 PM EST

We're excited to continue working on improving Decimate, through your support. As always, join our Discord for more teasers and updates on reset information. Your opinion matters.