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    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to the brand new Endor Dimension information thread. We've been working on Skyblock for over a month now, and we're finally here to let you know the information regarding it.

    Our first Skyblock Dimension will have Custom Enchantments, Stacked Spawners, Minions, and Island Expansions.

    Server Information
    • There will be a limit of 10 people PER island. (you may purchase an upgrade @ the store)
    • There will be a hopper limit of 50. (you may purchase an upgrade @ the store)
    • The economy will be similar to our Faction servers, with of course raiding items disabled.
    • There will be NO raiding on this Skyblock server.
    • No Nether or End world
    Feature List
    • Custom Enchantments (much more than our current faction dimensions)
    • Stacked Spawners
    • Minions
    • Island Upgrades (size, member, & hopper limits)
    • Skyblock Island Border
    • Skyblock Fly
    • GKits
    • Boosters
    • mcMMO
    • Crates
    Island Top Information

    We won't be doing weekly payouts for the Island Top. Instead, at the end of every season, you will receive the payout. Here's the break down of it
    #1) $500 PayPal + $100 Buycraft
    #2) $200 PayPal + $50 Buycraft
    #3) $100 PayPal + $50 Buycraft


    Hope you guys enjoy this! This is certainly a great addition to Decimate.
    If you want to upload our trailer, here's the download

    We may give out cash prizes to who upload our trailer! (random)

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    There are no gkits on the shop, and the only upgrades are the island expansions.
    Also, when is Jupiter getting opened again? Only took a week for mars.
  6. Brandon

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    We'll be adding the gkits and the other expansions later tonight

    Jupiter won't be released this weekend. We have some pretty big news on that. ;)
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  7. Mega

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    Thanks for letting us know :)
  8. Will you be able to upgrade your island ingame or just through buycraft?
  9. oreo

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    will there be perks on buycraft to expand the island or increase the member count on an island?
  10. oreo

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    will there be mob hoppers?
  11. Brandon

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    Just through Buycraft
    Yep, and crop hoppers
  12. oreo

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  13. Is printer allowed?
  14. Also Brandon check discord
  15. Stephan

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    Why do ranks have homes... its skyblock ur only gonna need 1 home...
  16. 8f8

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    So they can set homes inside buildings so they don't need doors or to break in.
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    Interesting. ​
  18. 8f8

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    Will spawners count as is value?
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    Mhm Looks Good
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    Interesting thread! I'm already started on Endor, so I don't think I'll have much time to play on Venus; I'll make sure to check it out, though :p