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What is your username?: DolphinSplits
Who banned you?:KillIme
What were you banned for?: Abusing A bug
What server were you banned on?: Venus
When were you banned (Include Date and Time)?: 3/3/2019 9:30pm
Any previous punishments?: Yes
Are you guilty?: Sort of
Reason for appealing?:
I was banned for "Abusing a bug"

I was banned for using fly while enemies were nearby since I was in /printer and it's basically Creative in a limited function.
The user who reported me got screenshots or a recording of me patching in mid air therefore i was banned.

It is not my fault that the developer (No offense to you I think the server is nice other than this issue.) Has not figured out how to prevent players from flying when enemies are nearby.
I had 0 clue they were underneath me until they started saying DolphinSplits "I'm recording"

I got out of printer mode after that and started buying blocks from the shop because I'm not trying to get in trouble because this server has not fully figured that out.

I'm not the type of person to look for bugs or glitches in this game. I legit had 0 clue they were underneath me because i was patching for a long time.

I don't think I deserve to be banned due to this. It's the server's fault it is not my own.

The sr mod said its only 3 days. But factions is something that has stuff going on 24/7. If this doesnt get appealed i'm probably not going to play on here anymore. like i said this is a server issue and I am not purposely abusing it.

100 blocks above a player recording and I'm supposed to know they're there.
Evidence to support the appeal (Screenshot of ban message, etc): Why would I take the time to open up obs when I need to patch.
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Hey there,

I will be reducing your ban to 1 day, however, do not abuse this anymore or it will result in a proper punishment which will not get reduced.

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