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DecimatePvP | Mercury Season 5 | $1,500 F-Top


Staff member
Hey everyone,

A little under 2 weeks ago we started adjusting the way how we operate our staff team, we also started taking direct feed back from factions who actively play the server. This map will reflect on how things will move forward. Mercury is releasing, which is our take on a vanilla dimension. Make sure to read everything.

Server Trailer
Played by MeeZoid, DrCandyMan, CanadianCraft, and Hxroic

Mercury Dimension releases on....
Saturday, 27th of June at 3:00PM ET, 12PM PT, 7PM GMT


(except chargebacks)

Map Five Features...
  • 25 Man Faction Size
  • 16 Corners spread across 4 Worlds
  • All borders are now 5,000 x 5,000
  • All worlds are now flat to make trenching easier
  • 12 Hour shields.
  • The economy for Mercury can be found here
  • The cannon rules can be found here
  • Teaming and allying on this map will not be allowed
  • All value must be placed
  • 800 Slots on release
  • All punishments reset (except chargebacks)
New Additions
  • All changes from Mars Season #15 will be added to Mercury Season #5
  • Faction alts no longer need to be in your faction to be added as an alt. If you run /f alt add <player> and they join the faction they will automatically be set as an alt.
  • Creeper eggs will now destroy spawners in water.
  • The Villagers in Ethereal have been replaced with Cave Spiders which will now fight back.
  • Disabled the Knockback enchant. Knockback will only work on Lighting Wands against Creepers.
  • Disabled renaming in Anvils.
  • You can now see which gkits you own by hovering over the item in /gkit.
  • You can now view the location of your SandBots with /bots.
  • Added a Faction Permission for /f tag.
  • Players in Wilderness can no longer capture KOTHS.
Bug Fixes
  • The issue with /spectate teleporting you two times has been fixed.
  • Kills on /stats are no longer global.
  • The health of bosses have been added to their nametags so it wouldn't interfere with the Combat Timer action bar.
  • You can now use /f who, /f invite, /f kick, etc in the Ethereal world.
  • You can no longer run /d or /disguise while in Combat
The bug fixes and additions are all exclusive to Mercury for now. The list may seem short, but that's because we didn't want to list things that were already fixed on previous maps and were pushed forward already.

Factions Top
We will be doing a $1,500 F-top. Here's the breakdown of it. There will be ONE payout, which will occur a week after TNT enables.
Payouts will be done every Sunday @ 3PM EST.
1st: $300 PayPal / $500 Credits
2nd: $200 PayPal / $275 Credits
3rd: $100 PayPal / $125 Credits
Once again, Mercury Dimension releases on...
Saturday, 27th of June at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 7 PM GMT

See you on release!