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DecimatePvP | Mercury Season 4 | $2,000 F-TOP


Staff member
Hey everyone,

It's time to release the Mercury Dimension! This is our take on a vanilla dimension so many of you wanted. Initially we were going to release Venus but since many people don't like custom enchants, we decided to release Mercury instead. We realized as soon as TNT enabled that our strike system was far too strict and that many of you guys can't control your faction as much as we thought you could. With that being said, we've heavily changed up the strike system and tweaked it for the better. We hope you enjoy this dimension.

Server Trailer
Played by MeeZoid, DrCandyMan, CanadianCraft, Hxroic, and m0dest!

Mercury Dimension releases on....
Saturday, 16th of May at 3:00PM ET, 12PM PT, 8PM GMT

Map Four Features...
  • 25 Man Faction Size
  • 16 Corners spread across 4 Worlds
  • Over world border is 5,000 x 5,000. Nether, End, and Mercury are 5,000 x 5,000
  • 12 Hour shields
  • Limited Biomes enabled. Perfect for trenching.
  • There will be no dungeons that spawn underground
  • The economy for Mercury can be found here
  • The cannon rules can be found here
  • Teaming and allying on this map will not be allowed
  • All value must be placed
  • 800 Slots on release depending on performance
New Additions
  • All changes from Mars Season 13 will be added to Mercury Season 4
  • Revised the Knockback + Pearls
  • Added /f setbaseregion for setting your bases f shield
  • Completely changed the strike system
Bug Fixes
  • When the server reboots, you will be taken out of combat tag
  • Fixed an issue where clear lag cleared prematurely
  • Added a notification in chat when you don't have enough money for spawner tax after grace
  • Fixed an issue with TNT Fill
  • Fixed a spacing issue in chat
  • Muting will now exclude chat in /f chat

Factions Top
We will be doing a $2,000 F-top. Here's the breakdown of it. The payouts are spread across 2 weeks (one week grace, 2 week raiding).
Payouts will be done every Sunday @ 3PM EST.
  • 1st: $750 PayPal / $300 Buycraft
  • 2nd: $400 PayPal / $200 Buycraft
  • 3rd: $200 PayPal / $150 Buycraft
Once again, Mercury Dimension releases on...
Saturday, 16th of May at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 8 PM GMT

See you on release!


Curious if this map will flop as much as mars did, all top factions disbanded before first week of Tnt even ended xdddd