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DecimatePvP | Mars Season 14 | $1,500 F-Top


Staff member
Hey everyone,

On our Discord, I have made an announcement stating that we're modifying our network, and will be working on expanding it. If you haven't already, please join our Discord (by clicking here). There will be significant changes to our network within the next month or so. We hope you enjoy this Mars Reset. It has been improved significantly compared to Season 13.

Server Trailer
Played by MeeZoid, DrCandyMan, CanadianCraft, Hxroic, and m0dest!

Mars Dimension releases on....
Saturday, 13th of June at 3:00PM ET, 12PM PT, 7PM GMT

Map Fourteen Features...
  • 30 Man Faction Size
  • 16 Corners spread across 4 Worlds
  • All borders are now 2,500 x 2,500
  • All worlds are now flat to make trenching easier
  • 10 Hour shields.
  • The economy for Mars can be found here
  • The cannon rules can be found here
  • Teaming and allying on this map will not be allowed
  • All value must be placed
  • 800 Slots on release
New Additions
  • All changes from Venus Season #5 will be added to Mars Season 14
  • Your harvester hoe enchants will show on the lore
  • Adjusted the behavior of how /f alt works. You can now do /f alt invite <name> instead of manually inviting them. This will resolve the issues with it interfering with f roster.
  • Spawners will no longer spawn if it's not in the base region
  • We'll be adding a /f raid feature. This will be active once TNT enables and will ensure a faction cannot be raided by two different factions
  • Added the command /f corner. This will claim a 20x20 land in a corner.
  • Added the command /gb notify to disable notifications
  • Added the command /f focus which'll change the targeted players nametag
  • Added an infinite water bucket to the /shop
  • You can now instantly break ice with an ice wand
  • In the /f raidclaim command, you can now specify how large it will be
  • We have added Disguises. These can be bought separately and Elite rank will have most of the disguises.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with printer where players were able to trench their bases
  • Adjusted an issue where pearls wouldn't teleport you
  • Modified anti-phase slightly
The bug fixes and additions are all exclusive to Mars for now. The list may seem short, but that's because we didn't want to list things that were already fixed on previous maps.

Factions Top
We will be doing a $1,500 F-top. Here's the breakdown of it. There will be ONE payout, which will occur a week after TNT enables.
Payouts will be done every Sunday @ 3PM EST. Why is it one payout? Because maps are 2 weeks now instead of 3!
1st: $500 PayPal / $200 Credits
2nd: $300 PayPal / $175 Credits
3rd: $200 PayPal / $125 Credits
Once again, Mars Dimension releases on...
Saturday, 13th of June at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 7 PM GMT

See you on release!