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Bugs and Suggestions


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  • if someone has a rank and the server is already open, make it so they dont have to wait in the queue to join the server, so they can just insta join and bypass the player cap
  • add a 20 second alert for clearlag so we can stop shooting a cannon before clearlag fucks it up
  • make it so you can do [item] for faction/ally/truce chat without it going into public chat ( people cant bypass chat mutes then )
  • make outpost work with the collector blocks ( if you capped outpost then the loot inside the collector blocks sell for 2x )
  • add an announcement in chat when a top faction ( 1-3 on /ftop ) gets overtaken e.g "Faction1 has been knocked off 2nd place by Faction2"
  • make /pv all into one pv instead of having 7 pv's with 1 row on each of them ( very aids )
  • if x amount of players from a faction get banned for something like hacking or doxing ( something serious ), then the faction should get a fac warning
  • add infinite gen buckets // buy one bucket that keeps refilling so you can place another instead of having to buy stacks upon stacks over and over
  • add /ff,/fa,/ft and /fo // shortcuts to typing in specific chats without having to go onto it e.g "/fa msghere"
  • add who has capped outpost to the scoreboard e,g "Outpost: Plug (100%)
  • add efficiency onto trench/tray pickaxes, its still slow even when it gives haste 3 ( atleast eff 5 )
  • change the op tools gkit from eff 4 to eff 6-7, then maybe it would be worth buying
  • change the op gkit to a decent gset e.g gears 2, mermaid 1, burn shield 1 and overload 1-3
  • make outpost work with collector blocks without needing a sell wand to get double sell
  • add a upgrade for /f chest to maybe a full double chest size and maybe remove /f vault or add a log for /f vault same as /f chest?
  • nerf custom enchants, it takes ages to kill someone even when they are in a shit gset ( try it for yourself, it is long and boring just to 1v1 someone, you hardly take any damage in a gset )
  • instead of removing a factions payout once they reach a certain amount of warnings, change it so they have a % of their value removed instead
  • allow ranked players to post links in chat without it removing the "."'s in them
  • add another advantage to outpost, maybe give x amount of money every x minutes of it being capped or some shit
  • add a potion enchant map? ( speed 2 str 2 ect ( if you dont think people will play it, do a vote and see what they think ) )
  • things like ceggs and gapples are too easy to obtain, maybe add something like mob coins so you have to grind to get these things instead of just buying them which is easy cause of the op economy
  • add an option on /settings to toggle global chat ( only can see faction/ally/truce chat and staff speaking in global )
  • display what faction a player is from in their nametag e.g "[Rank] [IGN] [Faction]"


  • crashing/closing mc while in printer mode clears your inventory and gives u the items that you had from creative printer ( can be potentially exploited with spawners/money ect )
  • superbreaker gives efficiency to your pickaxe, if you already have efficiency on it then it removes it and gives eff 3 ( fucked up my eff 6 pickaxe and made it eff 3, wasted 5mil on that :[ )
  • faction alts count towards faction player limit
  • "/koth loot" doesnt work
  • the position of leader sometimes messes up when you /f who a faction ( )
  • /f claim/unclaim sometimes messes up and doesnt allow you to claim/unclaim the stated amount (
  • you cant add depth strider to a pair of boots that has a name with colours in it (

( if you disagree with any of these suggestions, state your opinion instead of just saying -1 or some shit retarded )
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Most of the bugs listed have been fixed but as for the suggestions, I'm sure Brandon will look at them but for now, the #1 priority is any bugs. Then after he will most likely implement some new additions.