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    crasydylan ban appeal

    Andrew would have checked the last time it was shot. Closing until higher staff sees to prevent people from agruging.
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    Accepted Kickd Back To The Lobby When Frozen

    1. you admitted anyway: (after banning you to get a shorter ban) 2. here is the proof that i banned your for
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    Kick Back to Lobby when Frozen

    please use correct format found here
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    Denied BottNet's Staff Application

    Hey there, You have a standard amount of detail. This is your first post (aside from a comment on someone else's application) What do you mean by this? Even as a staff member you are still a player. You have no previous staff experience. Something you could improve on: Add a bit more...
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    Denied EnderGamerPlayZ's Ban Appeal

    locking until high staff sees to prevent arguments.
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    Denied EnderGamerPlayZ's Ban Appeal

    You were found using the lever with it turned on. This is shown in the proof here:
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    Pending Dyzl's Staff Application

    Hey there, You have barely any detail. As staff, you see a lot of people "lying" and "not doing what is right". If accepted, will you try to not get annoyed by this? You have no staff experience. Yes everyone needs to start somewhere but it's better to start on smaller servers so you can get...
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    Pending DownloadSpeed's Staff Application

    Hey there, You have an okay amount of detail, nothing too small but not too much. You are active, I have known this since I was in Bless. Will you try to not let this happen? As a staff, you are always going to be dealing with any faction at any time. (Not that I am saying you did it) Did you...
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    Hey, Welcome to the forums!
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    Denied YouAss's | Application |

    Hey there, I believe you have little to no detail. Your name isn't exactly appropriate. You rushed. (Like Ryan said) Don't put polls on your application. You haven't engaged with the community as this is your 1st post How you could improve: Add a lot more detail Interact and engage with the...
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    Important Factions Venus | Release Details

    Can't wait to see everyone online!
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    Pending 9kc's Helper application

    1. Please do not attack me like that 2. I did not get kicked from bless, I left to fulfill my staffing duties 3. If you have "screenshots that will get me demoted" send them to ace and dont talk about it here
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    Accepted Banned For ddos threats

    Please dont ask staff to view your appeal or unban you.
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    Pending Zorby's Helper Application

    Hey there Zorby, I will be saying a couple of things about your application before rating it. You have minimal detail. You have no proof of your staff experience. In my opinion, by the looks of it, you want staff for the rank. You haven't tried to engage with the community as this is your...
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    Pending 9kc's Helper application

    Hey 9kc, I will be saying a couple things about your application before giving my rating. You are toxic within the community, I saw this when I was with bless and when I wasn't with bless. You have very very little detail Add a color theme to see the difference between the answer and the...
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    Pending Ocheni's Helper Application

    Hey @Ocheni , You have a great amount of detail and effort put into this application. You have a clear motive of wanting to help the server. You have massive amounts of previous staff experience as well as being apart of a support community is a great plus. You have engaged with the community...
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    Desqu’s 19th Ban appeal

    Tyler only listens to higher staff. Do not make this assumption
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    Pending Stephans Helper Application

    How do you think I got staff, I applied via forums. This is a very rude comment.
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    Accepted Ban reduced

    I believe his ban got shortened