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  1. Respect

    Denied BottNet's Staff Application

    Hi. You have little detail. I felt the most important questions were left fairly unanswered. Staff need to be on a minimum of 20 hours a week. I feel staff need to be on MORE than normal players. Would this work out? You have little community interaction by only having 2 forum posts. Your...
  2. Respect

    Economy suggestion

    I agree with this. IMO, an announcement in chat should pop up when the raid starts and finishes. As long as TNT is exploding, the raid counter is up and doesnt reset. Maybe add a scoreboard to show the time counting down? I like this idea a lot. If a faction gets close enough the defenders...
  3. Respect

    Accepted Got banned without realising

    You have been unbanned.
  4. Respect

    Denied YouAss's | Application |

    Hi. I feel you're missing a lot of detail in the important parts of the application. Your IGN is not appropriate. I would suggest changing it if you want to join the team. Your only responses on the forums have been your application and the follow up. Get more involved in the forums community...
  5. Respect

    Accepted Zerkzx Ban appeal

    I have changed your alts ban to 30 days. Since you logged in on it before your main ban was up, it will be a full 30 days.
  6. Respect

    Pending Zorby's Helper Application

    Hey. I feel you are lacking detail. Most of your responses are 1 - 2 sentences. This seems redundant since the only thing we punish in chat is bypassing the mute and swat/dox/ddos threats, Half of your responses are incomplete sentences and the other half complete. The application is a formal...
  7. Respect

    Pending 9kc's Helper application

    Hey. I feel you're lacking a large bit of detail. No previous staff proof. Clean history. Neutral
  8. Respect

    Pending Ocheni's Helper Application

    Hey there. You have a lot of detail. I felt you put a lot of effort into this application. You have a load of history. Even though mineplex was not staffing, helping out in the community is a very good thing to have on your resume. You have a clean ingame history. This is not your first...
  9. Respect

    Pending Stephans Helper Application

    Hey there. Since we've had some history I am going to try and be as non bias as I can. You have great detail. You clearly but a lot of time into this and effort is a very good thing to have if you want to join the team. I can confirm this is indeed true. You have been making great strides...
  10. Respect

    Accepted Ban reduced

    Your ban was shortened to 3 days.
  11. Respect

    Denied I Was False Banned

    denied, You said that you died from lag. That would have been good until you went and tried to flex that you got away with lying. See you in 7 days, or, purchase an unban,
  12. Respect

    Unban my alt now plz

  13. Respect

    Denied Tavisboeh's Ban Appeal

    denied. Having 2 cannons built at the same time in the same claim is bannable for the person who built them. Purchase an unban or wait out the week
  14. Respect

    Denied Helper or mod

    You have no detail. This was clearly rushed. The format is completely missing. Yes you answered the questions but they need to be present. Microphones are needed as staff. Last map on candy you had a bad history with punishments. You said you are calm and quiet yet you attacked matthew above...
  15. Respect

    Discord inv isnt working

    I sent you a friend request, however, locking this since it isnt a ban appeal
  16. Respect

    Denied nikros_'s Ban Appeal

    Denied. You were ban evading on an alt account. Purchase an unban to keep playing.
  17. Respect

    Denied champagnepapi's appeal

    Denied. Having the vape strings and account are bannable. Purchase an unban to keep playing.
  18. Respect

    Denied Desqu's 18th Ban appeal

    Denied. Gen patching before 20 minutes is a punishable offence. Wait out the 7 days or purchase an unban to keep playing.
  19. Respect

    Denied BlackMagic_ᴺᵒᵗ ᴿᵉᵗᵃʳᵈᵉᵈ#5766 // BlackMagic_ Discord unmute appeal

    Denied. You're staying muted for 24 hours. Tomorrow, you can be unmuted.
  20. Respect

    Denied Banned on Discord idk why Denied.