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  1. Athenaaaaa

    Rip LastNation

    Just mainly temper.
  2. Athenaaaaa

    Rip LastNation

    Yeah R.I.P LastNation and R.I.P Temper as they have given up,
  3. Athenaaaaa


    Hello Desqu, I am Athena or as some of you may know me as Nathaniel.
  4. Athenaaaaa

    Moderator for DecimatePvp Since 2/22/2019 1:34AM PST

    Moderator for DecimatePvp Since 2/22/2019 1:34AM PST
  5. Athenaaaaa

    I had Venom/Decimate rank

    Hello their my dear, so I know sometimes things can get confusing with the new move to decimate. However here is what you can do. 1. join on mc 2. as soon as you join do ./credits list 3. if you have credits including gkits and wish to redeem them do ./credits send...
  6. Athenaaaaa


    You can also drink strength II and get it into a 1x1.
  7. Athenaaaaa

    Denied AsianDongWhipper's Staff Application

    Hello there Summoner, Just two key points that I believe need to stand out: -Provide Proof of Past Staff Experiences as they would stand out and prove that you were staff. -Also, you need just to add more detail. for now, I am neutral summoner.
  8. Athenaaaaa

    Denied Whihtness Staff Application

    Hey there! Great application overall liked the in-depth explanation of why you stand out, but here are a few recommended things to add to your application: 1. Provide proof of past staff experience to increase your chance of getting accepted. 2. Add a bit more detail to every section of the...
  9. Athenaaaaa

    Thank you.

    Thank you.
  10. Athenaaaaa

    Helper since 2/10/2019 4:18PM PST

    Helper since 2/10/2019 4:18PM PST
  11. Athenaaaaa

    Denied Staff Aplication - TheOfficialWeeb

    I like the fact that you have past staff experiences but there are two main issues that really bother me. You DO NOT have enough detail to show that you are suited for the job. You DO NOT provide specific information onto how you will further better this server...
  12. Athenaaaaa


    Welcome back to decimate. :cool:
  13. Athenaaaaa


  14. Athenaaaaa

    Denied Factions_Sunny's Staff Application

    I agree with a lot of the staff members on the server. - Lacks Detail. -Provide more information on why you stand out and don't be biased by saying, "I am a lot more active than most of the players on the server." - Grammatical errors. I am gonna have to -1 till these certain issues are fixed
  15. Athenaaaaa

    Accepted Staff Application >> prettys

    I love your detail overall.+1
  16. Athenaaaaa

    Denied Ammo's Staff Application

    Provide details into how you would be able to apply this to Decimate and in certain situations.
  17. Athenaaaaa

    Denied Denies's Helper Application

    I see your point. Thank you!
  18. Athenaaaaa


    What are pans that stick ???
  19. Athenaaaaa

    Denied Staff App

    1+. I would suggest for you to truly stand out get some experience first and then come back and try again however, you seem like a good kid so I wish you good luck.
  20. Athenaaaaa

    Denied Denies's Helper Application

    Free how would he get experience if no other servers give him a chance?