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  1. Brandon

    Important Factions Venus | Release Details

    We like the fucked up eco tbh, we'll keep it.
  2. Brandon

    Read Me Venus Dimension Enchantment List

    Hey there, You can view all the enabled custom enchantments below. Helmet Glowing (1) - gives you night vision when wearing a helmet with this enchantment Mermaid (1) - gives you water breathing when wearing a helmet with this enchantment Implants (5) - while moving, your hunger will slowly go...
  3. Brandon


  4. Brandon

    Read Me Report Format

    Please use the following report while reporting another player. Please include full screenshots, no snippets. Chat logs are not seen as valid proof. It must be a screenshot OR a video. Format Your Username: User you are reporting: Reason for report: Evidence to support the report (recording...
  5. Brandon

    Read Me Ban Appeal Format

    Thank you for taking the time to come and appeal your punishment if you feel you were wrongfully punished or otherwise, here's the format to follow. Please wait one week after the previous ban appeal is denial to re-appeal. Please keep in mind that the only person who can accept ban appeals are...
  6. Brandon

    Read Me Application Format

    In order to become Youtube rank, you must meet the following criteria. You must have 500+ subscribers You need to have a decent quality microphone Over 300 views on any of the videos you made. Failure to upload past 2 weeks will result in a removal of your rank. Keep in mind this is not a paid...
  7. Brandon

    Read Me Bugs / Suggestions Format

    Please use the following format to report any bugs you encounter or any suggestions you may have. Format IGN: Realm (Factions/Skyblock): Suggestion: Benefits of Your Suggestion: