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  1. Andrew


    Oh, I thought you were suggesting changes to it :oops:
  2. Andrew

    Accepted Banned For ddos threats

    You have been unbanned. Have a great day!
  3. Andrew


    *Moved to suggestions*
  4. Andrew

    pvp/bow boosting

    *Moved to suggestions*
  5. Andrew

    Rip LastNation

    This thread doesn't age well ;)
  6. Andrew


    Okay we will see.
  7. Andrew


    According to the server selector in hub, Neptune will be vanilla with Venus being minimal enchants and releasing this weekend.
  8. Andrew

    Can’t Join Server?

    Others who've had your issue seemed to get it fixed by connecting with a VPN. There are a few different programs that have a free trial that you can use. Please tell me if this helps you at all. Good luck.
  9. Andrew

    A toggle for /printer notifications

  10. Andrew

    Accepted 99percentmad's ban appeal

    You have been unbanned as this is the first offense on your main account and since the ban was only 24 and not that serious. I hope you have a good day!
  11. Andrew

    Denied champagnepapi's appeal

    In the video proof, it says you have a Vape account. If the email provided didn't have an account then it would send an error.
  12. Andrew

    GigiSenpai's BanAppeal

    The video you provided says it was claimed and copyrighted.
  13. Andrew

    Accepted zMatyy Ban Appeal

    Your ban is now 7 days as no hacks were found other than an xray texture pack. However, still having access to a Xray pack at any time is still punishable, even if it wasn't used recently. Have a good day!
  14. Andrew

    Bugs and Suggestions

    Most of the bugs listed have been fixed but as for the suggestions, I'm sure Brandon will look at them but for now, the #1 priority is any bugs. Then after he will most likely implement some new additions.
  15. Andrew

    Accepted ReaperCrafts's Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned. Please make sure that you delete the autoclicker or you have the chance to be rebanned. Have a great day!
  16. Andrew

    Accepted SlapYourBanana's Ban Appeal

    Your ban has been reduced to 3 days. If you find a glitch please come in discord and make a ticket with some sort of proof (screenshots, video, etc). Anyways, I hope you have a great day. :)
  17. Andrew

    Stacked Pots

    This is already a thing. All you do is buy 10x speed potions at once for example and they stack.
  18. Andrew

    Accepted HangingKids Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned. Have a great day.