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  1. Nataliie

    Pending Ocheni's Helper Application

    So how much time can you contribute to the server? You kind of dance around the question in this response. Will you be able to handle players who may be angry, rude or toxic towards you and will you be able to stand your ground? You mentioned that you can often be drowned out, will this hinder...
  2. Nataliie

    Pending Zorby's Helper Application

    First off, thank you for the very respective comment and also thank you for serving our country. The reason I mainly ask is because the unpredictability of being in the Military could mean that we never know if you'll be online or not. It's understandable for a perfectly valid reason but still...
  3. Nataliie

    Pending Zorby's Helper Application

    If you mind, what position in the military are you? Also, are you going to be called or stationed anywhere anytime soon? How does being in the military effect the time you're allowed to be on? Anything other than being "calm"? You've mentioned this multiple times. Do you have any other...
  4. Nataliie

    Denied bram1810 ban appeal

    Appeal Denied, You were given the five minutes to join the Discord and still didn't respond despite being frozen and unfrozen. You can purchase an unban on our store HERE Thread locked
  5. Nataliie

    Denied Standardze's Ban Appeal

    Appeal Denied We don't allow players to have server databases, regardless of when you had them. You can purchase an unban on our store at Thread locked
  6. Nataliie

    Denied AsianDongWhipper's Staff Application

    IGN seems very immature; is there any way it could be changed..? How long ago was this? What makes us think that you have changed? These need to be answered. This seems far fetched to me. You said it yourself that you have other activities like sports that you go to afterschool, 5-7 hours on a...
  7. Nataliie

    Denied JaimoWife Ban Appeal

    Appeal Denied You were clearly using Mob Aura and were given enough time to join the Discord Thread locked
  8. Nataliie

    Denied moonman1425's Ban Appeal

    Appeal Denied We take Dox threats very seriously and you admitted to being guilty; you will stay banned Thread locked
  9. Nataliie

    Accepted Qpi's ban appeal

    Appeal accepted We're sorry for the misunderstanding and it shouldn't happen again Thread locked
  10. Nataliie

    Read Me So You Want To Be A Staff Member?

    Introduction Hello Decimate players! I'm happy to see you're taking the time to apply for a position on our staff team. I will be going over the whole application with you, taking a look at what I think should be in a good application and give you a good idea on how to create well-detailed...
  11. Nataliie

    Denied Ban for evading revision, Supposed dupe

    Appeal denied You were given time to join the waiting room and didn't and then proceeded to ban evade and you will stay banned. If you choose to, you can purchase an unban HERE Thread locked
  12. Nataliie

    Accepted cobble monstering

    Appeal accepted Make sure you read our rules found HERE before doing anything conspicuous to prevent this from happening in the future Thread locked
  13. Nataliie

    Accepted ChoochGang's Ban Appeal

    You've been unbanned Next time make sure you pay attention so this doesn't happen again Thread locked
  14. Nataliie

    Denied Whihtness Staff Application

    What server is this? Also awkward phrasing when you say "I feel that faction has evolved to a bigger understanding" what does this mean? Go into more detail in this question. The answer you've provided is very bland and doesn't show anything that makes your application stand out. Besides...
  15. Nataliie


    Negado, Usted despejó descaradamente su papelera de reciclaje antes de ser SS'd. Puedes comprar un unban en nuestra tienda en Bloqueado y beunas noches.
  16. Nataliie

    Denied weepz_'s Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied, you can purchase an unban from our store at Thread locked
  17. Nataliie

    Denied JerkingOff - Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied, you can purchase an unban on our store at Locked
  18. Nataliie

    Denied Stepo's Staff Application

    You've used this as the same response for three questions in a row now, try adding other good qualities about yourself that would make you seem more suited for the position Overall, just try to add some detail to your application. It would be better if you did have experience but I do realize...
  19. Nataliie

    Denied Staff Aplication - TheOfficialWeeb

    Do you have a set amount of hours each day that we could typically see you online? Anything else besides having experience. Don't get me wrong; it's a good thing to have but add more to this question. Add more detail Add more detail and if there's any way you could try to get proof of being...
  20. Nataliie

    Denied ✧・゚Cheaty's Helper Application゚・✧

    Now you're lying and in denial. They're copied word for word. The second application that you've copied from is taken word for word, same format. Don't lie. Own up to it and admit you're wrong. Locking to prevent further post farming until Ace can deal with this.