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  1. Brandon

    Read Me Hello

    Hello there
  2. Brandon

    DecimatePvP | Mercury Season 5 | $1,500 F-Top

    Hey everyone, A little under 2 weeks ago we started adjusting the way how we operate our staff team, we also started taking direct feed back from factions who actively play the server. This map will reflect on how things will move forward. Mercury is releasing, which is our take on a vanilla...
  3. Brandon

    DecimatePvP | Mars Season 14 | $1,500 F-Top

    Hey everyone, On our Discord, I have made an announcement stating that we're modifying our network, and will be working on expanding it. If you haven't already, please join our Discord (by clicking here). There will be significant changes to our network within the next month or so. We hope you...
  4. Brandon

    The_Unlimited_Gamer Youtube Application

    This has been done
  5. Brandon

    DecimatePvP | Venus Season 5 | $1,250 F-Top

    Hey everyone, For this reset, we've gone ahead and fixed many of the issues that plagued the server. We've also added many of the requested features you all wanted, based off of feedback in the suggestions channel. Now that this list is entirely complete, we will work on further enhancing...
  6. Brandon


  7. Brandon

    DecimatePvP | Mercury Season 4 | $2,000 F-TOP

    Hey everyone, It's time to release the Mercury Dimension! This is our take on a vanilla dimension so many of you wanted. Initially we were going to release Venus but since many people don't like custom enchants, we decided to release Mercury instead. We realized as soon as TNT enabled that our...
  8. Brandon

    Mexxel's YouTube Rank

    I've given your account Youtuber, enjoy. Be sure to upload!
  9. Brandon

    Youtube Rank ! Brne

    Hi, please upload a Minecraft video first. Once done, respond here.
  10. Brandon

    Thien's YouTube Rank App

    Please upload a video on Decimate, once that's done reply and I will most likely accept this
  11. Brandon

    Denied Reclaims YT Application

    Please upload a few more videos, the last time you uploaded naturally was almost a year ago
  12. Brandon

    Denied YouTube Application

    Denied, your channel does not fit the criteria.
  13. Brandon

    Denied YouTube Rank

    Please upload a few more videos of Decimate or just Minecraft in general, I can't tell how your channel is doing recently.
  14. Brandon

    Buycraft pricing issues

  15. Brandon

    DiversityPvP's Youtube Application

    Accepted! :)
  16. Brandon

    DecimatePvP | Mars Season 13 | $2,000 F-Top

    Hey everyone, Welcome back everyone. It's been awhile since we've had a server we can call home together. I know many of you requested to bring Decimate back, and we've decided to do just that. It had been nearly 2 years since the real Decimate was here. In the past year, factions has changed...
  17. Brandon

    How big is too big (first thread)

    He's lying ^
  18. Brandon

    Read Me Network Rules

    DDOS threats/DOX threats/SWAT threats: If someone in-game says for example: “Say that one more time and I’ll DDOS you,” or “I’ll find your address”, etc. Punishments: 1st Offense | Permanent Ban Death Threats: This is when a player encourages another player to suicide outside of the game...