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  1. Milez_Playz

    weeeeewoooooo <3

    weeeeewoooooo <3
  2. Milez_Playz

    weewoo <3

    weewoo <3
  3. Milez_Playz

    It’s been real

    I had a good time staffing with you in the team. Best of luck :) -Milez
  4. Milez_Playz

    Break time.

    Best of luck you in the future. It was great staffing and playing factions with you. -Milez
  5. Milez_Playz

    The End.

    It was awesome staffing along side of you Ano. Best of luck to you, and I hope to speak with you soon :) -Milez
  6. Milez_Playz

    Denied Banned on Discord O'Dog #9577

    Do you have proof on what you had said to get you banned on discord?
  7. Milez_Playz

    LoganPlayzzMC's staff Application

    Hello! I appreciate you taking time to apply. Here are somethings I noticed. 1) Decent amount of detail. As 4PI said, more doesn't hurt. 2) Many grammar mistakes. Also, a few punctuation errors too. Fix your misspelling of "cuz" and "u". Things like that. As a staff team, we use proper...
  8. Milez_Playz

    Staff application

    Hello. A lot of what was said on this application was already said by Respect. But, I will point some things out: 1) You said 5 hours a week, not 5 hours a day. If you can not make the 15-20 hours, you can't make the staff team. 2) Very minimal detail, and it felt very rushed. 3)You have no...
  9. Milez_Playz

    Denied Merock1's Ban Appeal

    Hello. If you checked the rules on our forums, it says it is not allowed. The ban is 7 days, which isn't too long. If you thought it was okay to use printer against enemies because of your faction members, they should be banned for 7 days as well. Again, even you said you did it. Unless you...
  10. Milez_Playz

    Emir's Staff App

    Hey there! Here is my feedback/opinion on your application: 1) You have extreme lack of detail. 2) Hard to read at times. Bold the questions or use a different color for answers. 3) No proof of staff experience. 4) Felt like a rushed/small application. 5)Grammar/Word issues. This...
  11. Milez_Playz

    Denied Staff Application

    Hello! First off, I want to say thank you for applying. Here is what I noticed from your application: -lots of grammatical errors -lack of detail and spacing -hard to read at times -no proof of staffing experience -cannot staff up to or more than 20 hours a week (said 7-8 hours) -has no...
  12. Milez_Playz

    Enar's Staff Application

    Hello! Here are a couple of things that I noticed in your application: -a few grammar mistakes and some sentences didn’t make sense. However this can be easily changed. -staff experience is limited. might be a challenge, considering we are a fairly big server. -very active for playing...
  13. Milez_Playz

    Denied IllIIlIlIllIIIll's Ban Appeal

    Again, I was in that call. Not once did you lag out in the call. Any Staff will be happy to tell you that it is a trusted service that Decimate uses. Also, if you did cooperate, you wouldve been the one to look at the website and downloading yourself, not us.
  14. Milez_Playz

    Denied IllIIlIlIllIIIll's Ban Appeal

    This footage is what I used for the suspicion of you hacking. Very blatant if you ask me. Ocheni can testify to the fact of you refusing to download Anydesk, and you even asked Respect. He told you the same thing I did. There is no proof you were hit off, and you were barely cooperating.
  15. Milez_Playz

    Accepted Moose Helper Application

    Hello Moose, From what I have read: -it is very apparent that you like to help others and are very active. -However, being toxic now can be a set back. We don't have proof that you could change that, and as a staff team and in this community, we do not tolerate it. -Also, at times it was a bit...
  16. Milez_Playz

    Denied Whihtness Staff Application

    Hello there! As other staff members have stated, here are some thoughts I had. There is some detail lacking. If you can add more details, it can help.\ As others have said, please add the proof of your staffing and the name of the server to it as well. Good grammer and looks fairly neat...
  17. Milez_Playz

    RespectYourself // Jalin

    I’m hurted inside
  18. Milez_Playz

    Joltaxe aka ILikeCats

    Welcome to the team Jolt!
  19. Milez_Playz

    RespectYourself // Jalin

    Hi batman, big fan
  20. Milez_Playz


    What's up Ano