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    Denied dragonslayor's Staff App

    So I need 20 hours ok I will start right now and Yes i'm still banned even though I am not at fault
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    [NEW] Overwatch Funny Moments

    Keep up the good work.
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    Cannon showcase

    I hope you can teach me xD :)
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    New video and Logo!

    I like your logo are you a professional?
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    Read Me Factions Mars | Release Details

    Will you please consider not doing a sugar cane eco ever again ps- thank you
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    Denied dragonslayor's Staff App

    First I have not been banned recently but a year ago and forgot hypixel considering I play factions now. Second in game my playtime isn't really low. Third I added detail and I just bolded
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    Denied dragonslayor's Staff App

    What do you mean interact in community do you mean like forums? or in game?
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    Denied dragonslayor's Staff App

    GN: dragonslayor Previous IGN: It has always stayed the same never changed Realm applying for: I am applying for staff on factions Age : I am currently 14 and I am turning 15 March 28th 2019 Timezone: My time zone is Eastern Daylight Time UTC-4 What do you think of yourself as far as being a...