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Skyblock Starburst will be launching this Saturday at 3PM EST

Hey guys,

While our first dimension, Factions Hershey launched just under a week ago, we're almost ready to start our next adventure, the very first Skyblock server coming to CandyClash... Skyblock Starburst!

Below is a brief overview of what to expect on the server, as well as details on some competitive aspects coming to Starburst such as Island Top Prizes and build competitions.

Island Top Competition
For those of you not too familiar with Skyblock, Island Top is a system that assigns a ranking to your island based on how valuable it is. The better the blocks you place on it, the higher your value goes. The top ten islands are shown in a menu (/is top). The top three islands in this menu, every week, will receive prizes.

We'll be giving out $250 each week to the top three islands. Please note that because this is our first...