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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the brand new Endor Dimension information thread. We've been working on Skyblock for over a month now, and we're finally here to let you know the information regarding it.

Our first Skyblock Dimension will have Custom Enchantments, Stacked Spawners, Minions, and Island Expansions.

Server Information
  • There will be a limit of 10 people PER island. (you may purchase an upgrade @ the store)
  • There will be a hopper limit of 50. (you may purchase an upgrade @ the store)
  • The economy will be similar to our Faction servers, with of course raiding items disabled.
  • There will be NO raiding on this Skyblock server.
  • No Nether or End world
Feature List
  • Custom Enchantments (much more than our current faction dimensions)
  • Stacked Spawners
  • Minions
  • Island Upgrades (size, member, & hopper limits)
  • Skyblock Island Border
  • Skyblock Fly
  • GKits
  • Boosters
  • mcMMO
  • Crates
Island Top Information...
by Brandon at 5:00 PM
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Hey everyone,

We will be releasing our Neptune Dimension on April 7th @ 3PM EST
You can find all the fixes and additions below.

Bug Fixes
  • MonthlyCrates will now give you coupons based on commands
  • You can no longer creeper egg Warzone
  • Jellylegs will now save your toggled options
  • Faction Members can no longer send messages to Mod Chat
  • Faction Map enhancements
  • Added a much more functional and customisable Core
  • You can no longer enderpearl glitch into bases
  • Item Stacking is fixed
  • Added Horizontal Genbuckets (use /genbuckets or /gb to access them)
    Login to Mars to see the prices
  • Added an entirely new economy. Login to Mars Dimension to see it.
  • End World is now made out of sandstone
  • Brand new /shop GUI
  • There is now 12 CORNERS instead of the usual 8 (as a result, nether is now enabled!)
  • New March Monthly Crate added
  • Added two new GKits (Raider & Enchanter)
  • Added Bosses...
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Hi there everyone! Going to do a little something here called video of the month! You guessed it, it has to do with Decimate, and it has to be hosted on YouTube. Let's get to the options ay? You may submit one video per person and it has to be listed here, in this section. Only videos are to be posted here, with your post about it, a description and such.

Your video can be about!:
  • A base tour!
  • A raid!
  • A lot of pvping!
  • Building your base!
  • Working on your base with your faction!
Your video cannot contain!:
  • Use of hacked clients. (Obviously.)
  • Anything breaking any of the rules on Decimate.
  • This includes in the audio, all rules must be followed.
  • It has to be in game only related.
All the other stuff is out of the way, yes? Now onto the prizes!
  • First place: Ranger/Solar/Mummy rank. Also have their video used in another giveaway later on.
  • Second place: A g-kit of choice.
  • Third: 3 god keys.
The video must be...