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Venus Dimension will be releasing Saturday, June 23rd @ 3PM EST
Played by RoyalMC, UnstoppableRageTrain, DrCandyMan, and AngelsPvP

this is just the beginning

Hey everyone,

First and foremost please make sure you read the entire thread.

This is the thread you've all been waiting for. We've been hard at work abolishing all the bugs that plagued Decimate, especially on our Faction servers - as well as adding all the community suggestions you've all posted through-out the past 5 months. You've probably already read the majority of the issues in our previous post, but if you haven't, I'll include it at the end of this thread. The reason we haven't released, or advertised Decimate was purely because: we wanted to improve the server before we spend thousands of dollars on advertisements.

Server Information (Venus Dimension)
  • The border for overworld will be 10,000 x...
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Hey everyone!

School is finally over, now there's only finals to worry about. Anyway, we haven't released a server in roughly ~2-3 weeks, and over a month without advertisements. Now it's time to change that.

We're currently working on a brand new server design, with brand new plugins. There was simply no need to advertise as we think making the server better comes first, before advertisements. We intend to make the server better, the forums being one of the improvements. More on that at the end of this post.

You should expect many bugs and suggestions to be added, below is a list of them. (the fixes will go into effect when we start resetting servers again)

  • Shop (/shop) prices for the Donor section were not accurate
  • Ice now turns to water in nether if you mine it.
  • The /coords command will now be accurate forever
  • The /rules page now shows the correct URL
  • You can now change pages in Printer
  • Duplicate pearl cooldown is now removed...