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31 Jan
3.0 | Release Details Resilience

Hey everyone,

Five months ago, Decimate closed it's doors for what we thought would be the final time. In it's lifetime, across all gamemodes, Decimate has seen 24 total maps. Some have been great, while others, not so much. With Decimate steadily decreasing in players and our other projects taking up quite a bit of our time, the decision was made to shut it down. While this was a big regret for us, we decided to use it as an opportunity to improve the server, take our time, listen to community feedback, and deliver a far better experience.

In the five months that we've been down, hundreds, if not thousands of you have showed your support on our other projects, as well as constantly asked for Decimate to make a return. We've spent those five months working hard on what we consider to be our best overhaul yet, and I'm finally excited to share the details of what we're calling DecimatePvP 3.0.

Factions Mars releases on...
Saturday, 9th of February at 3:00 PM EST

Don't want to read the whole post? Watch our trailer (which you'll continue to see several times over the next week) to get a quick glimpse at everything part of our new launch. If you're interested in...

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