by Brandon at 3:51 PM
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Hi everyone!

If you've missed Custom Enchantments and mcMMO, then surely you should be hyped for this. Mars Dimension will be releasing THIS SATURDAY @ 3PM EST. We hope to see you there. All fixes from Neptune Dimension has been imported to Mars! Also, keep an eye out for some special YouTubers. :)

Here is a full change log of various features either added or patched.

Bug Fixes:
  • Players will no longer get kicked for too many packets
  • Crate item titles resolved
  • Invisible entities resolved
  • Co-Leaders in factions can now promote recruits to members
  • Co-Leaders can now title themselves
  • CoreProtect can now track chat
  • 1.9+ versions removed
  • Can no longer sell items via /ah whilst in combat
  • Fixed our Freeze plugin
  • SellWand prices fixed
  • Crops will now tick slowly [including Cactus]
  • Mobs will no longer pick up armor
  • Extreme optimization patches (cannons, tile drops)
  • Link Item ([item]) will now include your faction and tag if...