Greetings Everyone, I'm Resilience, one of the new owners alongside @Brandon. As most of you know, Carry is very busy as of now with school among other things and does not have the time to run Decimate. We are stepping in to ensure that new updates keep happening, alongside new and exciting maps with fresh content.

We've owned several successful networks in the past, the most notable being a hardcore factions server called "ViperMC", which some of you may recognize if you've ever played that genre of Minecraft. Decimate is going to be our primary focus for the coming weeks and months, regardless of any other servers we may currently be involved in.

Future Plans
I know that all of you are dying to know when the next map is, here's the simple answer: soon. We're aiming to get the next map up in less than two weeks. Rest assured that Decimate will stay the server you've grown to love, our goal is to do nothing but improve on it. We plan on revamping the Website, Discord (already somewhat completed), Graphics, and give the server a brand new look.

To be honest I have no idea what we plan to do in regards to staff, we will make final decisions sometime in the next week detailing exactly what our plans are after speaking further with the old Ownership / Management team. News regarding that will be posted in the Discord mentioned down below.

I strongly encourage all of you to join our Discord server, it will be used more frequently than the forums to deliver important information regarding updates, server downtime, and anything else necessary for the players to know. Click here to...